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Policies and Bylaws

Law Clinic Policies

Confidentiality Policy:

  • The Law Clinic is committed to maintaining the strictest confidentiality of all student information and communications.
  • Client information will not be disclosed to any third parties without the explicit consent of the client or as required by law.
  • As mandated reporters we are required by law to report and actual or suspected child abuse and neglect.


Eligibility of Services:

  • The Law clinic provides services exclusively to actively enrolled students at the University of Merced. We cannot assist former or prospective students outside of the information provided on our website.
  • The scope of services is also limited to individual students. We cannot provide guidance or referrals to associations or organizations.


Scope of Services Policy:

  • The Law Clinic foremost services are to provide information and references to legal help as needed and limited to issues directly affecting the student's academic or personal life.


Conflict of Interest Policy:

  • The law clinic maintains strict guidelines to identify and manage conflicts of interest that may arise between the department and students.
  • If a conflict of interest exists, the law clinic will provide referrals to external legal resources to ensure the client receives impartial representation.


Disputes Between Concurrent Students Policy:

  • The law clinic cannot represent or mediate disputes between two students who are concurrently enrolled at the university.
  • In such cases, the department will provide guidance and referrals to external resources, including mediation services or appropriate campus offices.


Informational Services Policy:

  • The services provided by the law clinic are solely informational in nature.
  • Staff members will provide legal information, guidance, and resources to assist students in understanding their rights and responsibilities.
  • Students are responsible for making their own decisions based on the information provided.


Referrals to External Resources Policy:

  • When a student's legal matter falls outside the law clinic's scope or requires specialized expertise, the department will provide referrals to external legal resources.
  • These resources may include local attorneys, legal aid organizations, mediation services, or other relevant entities.


Limitations of Service Policy:

  • The law clinic may not provide ongoing legal representation beyond initial consultation and information.
  • Complex cases or matters requiring specialized expertise may be referred to external legal professionals.
  • The law clinic reserves the right to determine the level of assistance it can provide based on available resources and expertise.


Educational Workshops and Seminars Policy:

  • The law clinic is committed to educating students about their legal rights and responsibilities through workshops, seminars, and informational materials.
  • These educational sessions aim to empower students to make informed decisions and navigate legal issues effectively.

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